Monday, January 08, 2007


It's all Tom's fault. When we got married he had a large library (mostly Sci Fi and humor) and I had just a few. Now, after 25+ years of marriage, my knitting, sewing and craft library (even pared down pre-move) is quite substantial. Ironically, though, as I write this from my office, the books 6'x10' of books behind me are still Tom's.

My books are in the sewing room. The newest addition is Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them: 30 Great-Looking Designs for Man & His Best Friend by Annie Modesitt. I just figure that I might find the perfect yarn to knit Tom a sweater and I want to be there are cute dog pictures. The book starts with a lot of good tips and techniques. There's always more we can learn.

Though the pictures shown in the KnitPicks book "view inside" were intriguing, I resisting buying Romantic Style: Knit and Crochet to Wear or Display because it was hard to tell what was knit and what was crochet. But I saw the book in Barnes & Noble and I had to have it. When my mom was here for Christmas, she liked the Dressing Gown and Crochet Collar. I've ordered KnitPicks Shine Sport to make the Dressing Gown—maybe for Mom's day—or maybe Christmas.

It occurs to me as I decide what to do about the shrug from VK, that I probably liked the pattern so much because I liked Norah Gaughan's book Knitting Nature .

I've mentioned Victorian Lace Today, which seems to have become my bible for lace knitting, though I've yet to actually start a project from it (so many little time). About the same time, I also received Arctic Lace. There are some lovely and interesting projects, but just as interesting are the stories and the history around the knitting of the Alaskan natives.

Helen Hamann's designs are among the most intriguing I've seen. I ordered the yarn to get her twinset and circular cardigan patterns which are exclusive to Then I ordered her book Andean Inspired Knits. Not only are the shapes interesting, but the colors are wonderful.