Monday, January 22, 2007

Date Night

It's not that Tom needs a cooking class, but he enjoys cooking and people, so when it came to deciding what to "get" Tom for Christmas, I chose a "Date Night" class at Sur La Table in Portland's Pearl District because of the menu: Roasted Fennel Soup with Pernod Cream; Dungeness Crab-stuffed Halibut, with Citrus Beurre Blanc; Artichoke and Lemon Orzo; and Grand Marnier Bread Pudding with Candied Orange Peel.

It turned out to be a great choice. Not only was the menu delish, but we prepped and cooked with some nice people—Tom and Kelly, and Matt and Jan. It was the other Tom's 40th birthday present, and like my Tom, he is the primary chef in their household, while Kelly is the baker. In contrast, Jan doesn't bake (except for boxed mixes) and Matt doesn't cook. The experience paid off because our meal looked and tasted great.

Jessica Benedetti, the chef, was an excellent teacher, along with the kitchen assistants. I think it's something we'll probably do again.