Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I really had plans to get more done before we head up to the Madrona Fiber Arts retreat, but the fiberly gods apparently had other plans.

A shirt
I was going to finish Tom's first shirt of the year. The fabric was cut before we moved (so what was my excuse for not making it earlier, I wonder), so it should have been a breeze. Hah! I think my Baby Lock ellegante has need a tune up since I got it, but yesterday, it was just being a pain. It was like a car engine misfiring, so off to the dealer it went. But, thought I, all is not lost, there's that cute little Xscape; it makes buttonholes. It did on samples, but when I put the shirt under the presser foot, it didn't seem to like the weight, so it was time to just give in and wait for the big machine.

Notice the shirt left side (or right side as you look at the picture). See the pocket? I just thought I'd point it out. I've always matched the pockets patterns and I thought I'd share my "secret." I've cut out the pattern piece in clear overhead film. I place the clear template on the shirt where the pocket goes and then use overhead markers to roughly outline the pattern. Then I find that pattern on another piece of fabric, et voilà! matching pocket. The markings can then be cleaned off with cleaner. (I tried dry erase markers, but they don't do so well on the overhead film.)

A cable shrug
I have made progress. One sleeve is attached, but somehow I just didn't seem to have the time to finish the second sleeve, so it goes with me to Tacoma. I'm going to have more knitting stuff than clothes...and that's probably how it should be.