Monday, January 08, 2007

Got yarn?

So Saturday, I obsessed about the Winter VK—mostly the multidirectional cable shrug, so I went the stash to see if I had any yarn at the weight and volume for the pattern. There was a time when I put stickers on a ball of a particular yarn to say how much I originally purchased and on the Tivoli Bainin Tweed, it said 15. "Yes! That would definitely be enough." I'm sure you know what's coming...

I trusted the sticker—not remembering using the yarn for anything. But after the first ball was used I went back to the stash and there were only 11 balls. (I'm clueless what I made, but having reorganized the stash 6 months ago—and scoured it Saturday—I know I must have done something.)

Yesterday, I had two options:
  1. Frog the thing and find another yarn
  2. Find 3 or 4 balls of this long discontinued yarn

This morning I came up with at third:
  3. Make it into a vest.


Based on my current rate of knitting, I think I have enough to make the body sections, but probably not enough for the sleeves or collar.

So my questions to you, dear readers are:

1. Do you have in your stash 3-4 balls of Tivoli Bainin Tweed in shade 745 that you might be willing to part with?

2. If I don't find the yarn should I:
  a. Frog it
  b. Make a vest?

BTW If you're considering this, it really is an easy knit. Five triangles are created by K2togs and SSKs, and there are only two cable turns per triangle.

Update 01/15/07: Yarn found! Thanks to a Google search and Judith in the UK, who is trying to destash her store of Tivoli Bainin Tweed, I will have four extra balls and can finish what I started. And we both win because Judith's stash will be four balls lighter and ultimately, mine will go down by eleven.