Friday, July 21, 2006

Yarn Shops

I've mentioned that I have a bit of a geeky side and love databases. If there's a list of information, it goes into a table. Before trips (long or short), there are several things I do, including scoping out yarn and fabric stores in the area we are going to visit, which goes into a FileMaker database, which goes into my phone, with FileMaker installed.

Recently Dianne asked about yarn shops in New York City, so I pulled up my trusty database and exported the list. And then I got geeky and decided to make lists for other areas. We were in Cape Cod, Boston and Manhattan last fall. I live in Oregon. And we're going to Denver. Those are the lists I've compiled so far. As I go other places, I'll create more lists.

I do not claim that the lists are complete, nor can I vouch for accuracy, because almost all the information is gleaned from various internet sites. However, I invite any comments or corrections.

The here are links to the lists. On each page, there's a link to a .xls file.

Portland, OR area
Oregon (with Portland area marked)
Eastern Massachusetts (with Cape Cod and Boston area stores marked)
Colorado (with Denver area designated)
San Francisco Bay Area (organized by county/area)