Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking back on the year

As I finally get back to this thing we call blogging, I took a look at what I accomplished on the fiberly front. I did so many more things in my head than I did for real, I still think I did pretty well.

Last Christmas I promised to make Tom at least one shirt each month. In part, the idea was to reduce the stash of dog fabric. Although I admit I did augment the stash, I think I did put a very small dent in it having made 26 shirts - 11 in August for our 25th Anniversary. I finished the last shirts of the year over the weekend.

Although I planned to sew for myself, most of the 15 sewn projects ended up being gifts, including a set of placemats for Dianne, a jacket, top and pants for my mom, and bag for Tom's aunt Flossie. Tom's Christmas present was a Simplicty 3890 jacket sewn from wool we picked up at the Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet in Milwaukie. And I made a jacket for one of Tom's nieces.

McCalls 5479; Fabric Mart wool blend fabric

Mostly I knit–20 projects, in total. I started (and finished) Michelle Rose Orne's capelet from Vogue Knitting Winter 2006, as a gift, but changed my mind about the giftee.

Instead, I put my newly learned crochet skills to the test and made the Chrysantemum lace shawl from Amazing Crochet Lace: New Fashions Inspired by Old-Fashioned Lace by Doris Chan from Muench Tahoe (stash) yarn.

Looking at the bigger picture of my fiberly pursuits, I guess I can't complain—but I still want to do more next year! To see all the sewing, knitting, and crochet projects - except shirts - plus a couple of other endeavors click here.

Oh yes and

Happy New Year!

Don't forget your black-eyed peas.