Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lace obsession

I've decided that, at least for this month, my favorite knitting is lace. The patterns take a bit to memorize, but once that's done there's a rhythm to the knitting, and the result always seems to be such a pleasant surprise. I've knit a lot of different things, but after the first little silk scarf I knit, I was hook. Looking back at the lace projects I have documented, the first lace scarf was knit just in 2001.

This revelation came to me when I started searching for something to make with the way cool Handmaiden Seasilk I received for my birthday. I scoured through my library and started on the Interweave knits. In the end I decided on "Midwest Moonlight" from Scarf Style.

In my "travels" through the books and IKs, I marked several patterns I must knit, most of which were lace. The "Forest Stole" in Summer 2003 really spoke to me (sometimes those voices can be real trouble), so I obsessed until I decided on a yarn to use. The pattern is a combination of three different lace patterns worked in entrelac. After I admitted to myself I didn't have enough of the Cherry Hills Cascade Silk (and wasn't willing to spend the extra bucks to buy another skein) and the blues and whites of Knit Picks Shimmmer were pooling in unattractive stripes and would mask the lace pattern, I settled on an natural stash cone yarn. It's aged so long, I don't know the content - probably cotton and silk, but it could be rayon. My version is moving right along...but still have a way to go.