Thursday, January 11, 2007

Even more yarn

Shine Sport
My mom loves clothes and there was a day when I knew exactly what she'd like. In fact, at Christmas she reminded me that the houndstooth sweater she'd brought was something I'd given her when we lived in Denver. (It's been 30 years since I lived in Denver, so I obviously did well on that choice.) It was actually a surprise when she picked out the dressing gown in Romantic Style. I liked it, but wouldn't have expected her to pick it out. It took a while to find a yarn that would work without spending the bank, but that's half the fun. The yarn order arrived on Saturday, and I got started.

Alpaca Fino
When Joanna, one of the Fiberly Friends, asked me to see if I could repair a hole in a purchased lace sweater, I said, "Sure, send it on." The yarn was gossamer, very soft, and fortunately also mohair-like because there wasn't enough yarn attached to make the repair, so I'd need to incorporate another yarn. This must be why I keep a stash—so I would have a yarn that might work—and I did. It was a mohair blend that wasn't as fine as the sweater yarn, but the variegated nature of the yarn helped it to blend. I sorted out the pattern and after a few "go's" at it, finally closed the hole so that it's barely noticable. Yesterday, I received this lovely hank of lace alpaca/silk yarn from Joanna.

Peruvian Highland Wool
I don't have enough Tivoli Bainin Tweed to complete the multidirectional cable shrug and my calls for folks to check their stashes for this discontinued yarn have gone unanswered. But I must make the Norah Gaughan's multidirectional cable shrug. Knowing that the odds were low on finding that one person in the world with the extra yarn I needed, I went ahead and found another yarn, since my stash failed me on this endeavor.'s Peruvian Highland Wool fit the gauge and bill, and it arrived yesterday. I ended up ordering two more balls than my calculations said I needed so I could get the Helen Hamann Asymetrical Pullover pattern for "free."