Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another weather report

Yesterday morning a local weather person said, "There will be some snow tomorrow morning, but nothing to make a big deal about." Boy was she wrong. I let Cody out at 6am and it was beginning to snow. By the time we got Tom up around 8am, there was probably an inch accumulation. Turned on the television where all programming has been interrupted to cover the weather (and ensuing traffic issues.) Good thing being snowed in isn't an issue for us.

Cody is an intrepid little dog. He found a path that didn't take him up to his barrel chest in snow. Luckily his stature is only influenced by the dachshund or he'd have been dragging.

Mandy does not like the snow. She circled the patio trying to find a place where there wasn't any, then headed for the door and was rather put out when I made her stop so I could get a shot of white snow on black dog.

It is pretty, though and the snow makes great snowballs!