Monday, January 22, 2007

The Shrug - or is it a Bolero?

I tend to use the terms "shrug" and "bolero" interchangeably and it turns out (at least according to, it's because fundamentally, they are the same. So I've been calling this thing I'm working on a "shrug" but VK calls it a "bolero."

In any event, it's coming along swimmingly, thanks to Judith, Royal Mail and the US Postal Service. Judith posted the yarn on Tuesday and I had it in my hot little hands on Friday. Can't beat that!

Now I wrote Judith that I thought I'd have it done this weekend, but that hasn't happened. It probably would have helped if I'd have attached the first sleeve to four pentagon sides instead of three...But never mind. I was hoping it would be done to take to Madrona Fiber Arts, but with a sleeve and a half and collar to knit AND washing (since it's wool and a bit scratchy), I'm making no promises.

It's an odd duck. I took a picture of the first seven (of eleven) pentagons. Tom was taking pictures of a radio knob and saw the picture before I did. This was his impression. He's just silly.