Thursday, November 09, 2006

More temptations

When will it ever stop? There was 11 days of mail waiting for us when we got home, including the elusive Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits. The list of "what I'd like to make" grows ever longer.

For a while I stopped my subscription because I just wasn't seeing enough patterns that really captured my attention, but the Holiday '06 has redeemed least for this issue. There's the very cool woven trellis scarf on the cover, to start. Then I saw the Winter White Lace.
It's all about the lace.

But the styles and colorwork in the Foreign Affair patterns were equally intriguing.

And because I also love cables, two Town & Country patterns spoke to me.

The past couple of years I have always found several patterns that were really intriguing in each issue. The Winter 2006 issue was disappointing in that the only pattern that really caught my eye was the Arctic Diamonds Stole - so much so, I ordered the Arctic Lace book. (And it's arrived via UPS as I write.)

Speaking of lace...
Based on the description, and my found love for lace knitting, I preordered Victorian Lace Today in August and it arrived today. Omigosh! Everything in the book is beautiful and screaming at me to try it. Here are just three examples.