Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sea Days

Monday and Tuesday we were at sea.

When we travel, Tom actually gets up early (for him) and both days we headed for the dining room for breakfast. We dined with seasoned cruisers. For one couple the cruise was the third of four for the year. The omelets were a little salty and service was marginal.

Every day is chock full of activities, but most didn't really interest us, so we walked around the Promenade deck, wandered around the ship and settled in on the Lido deck to people-watch – and I knit. And the tank top started taking shape.

In our wanderings, we found the Hudson room and dropped in on the bingo game, only to be chased out by really bad jokes on the part of the "Bingo Brit."

Monday was the first formal dress night. It's so rare we really get dressed up it was quite an event.

After the Broadway revue show with the young Zaandam singers and dancers (better than an amateur, but not quite professional in quality), we arrived back to the room to a snake and a note to move the clocks forward one hour.

Tuesday we got regular updates on tropical storm Paul, that was fading, but was in our path, so the captain slowed our progress so we didn't sail smack into him, but that meant that our 7am arrival in Puerto Vallarta would be delayed to 2pm.

It was a lazy day around the ship and that evening we had the best dinner at the Pinnacle Grill, a steak and seafood restaurant on board. The atmosphere was very relaxed, the service excellent and the food was fabulous.

Back at the room was an ray and another note to move the clocks forward an hour.