Monday, November 20, 2006


Knitting - finally!
In the almost 20 days since arriving home from the cruise, I've made precious little forward progress. In fact, I'm just now getting back to where I was. The count was off when I started the short rows and in looking closely, I'd moved an increase over by a stitch. I could see only two options for correction, since it affected about 20 rounds:
   • Pull out 20 rounds of double increases on each side
   • Pull out to the offending increase
I opted for the latter—imagine the grayed out area on the picture as pulled out stitches... Hopefully, a little water and agitation will even up the the "V" of wobbly stitches, caused by the kinked yarn. But it is progress.

On the more positive side, Tom's Christmas gift is finally shaping up. But I darenot say more, since it's supposed to be a secret.

Geek stuff
After chronicling the trip through 200 photos, 8 blog pages and 170 web pages, I seemed to have gotten stuck to the computer. So I did some work, researched phones and cameras, and found some cool FileMaker tools that work with Apple Mail and Address book. I am a professed propellor head, after all.

It's nice to be back to knitting. Next I'll need to dust off the sewing machine.