Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The reason ships visit Topolobampo is proximity to Los Mochris, the west end of the train to Copper Canyon. Although the idea of Copper Canyon was intriguing, spending sixteen hours of bus and train travel to stay for two hours just didn't fly with us. But it did with a lot of other passengers – including our dinner companions. In fact, many took the cruise just for the one excursion.

Instead, we ventured off the ship to take a small boat around the bay to see the birds and dolphins — and we did…but the battery on the camera died, (I did have spares…in the cabin) before we saw the good stuff. We did get a few good pictures of the area.

The rest of the day was spent knitting and people watching on the Lido deck and in the Explorations Lounge, followed by dinner on the Lido deck since we didn't want to sit at the big table by ourselves.

Back at the room, a bunny was waiting for us. He was a pensive bunny.