Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Final Cruise Thoughts

The last day at sea was Halloween Tuesday. Once again, we wandered around the ship and had time to really sum up the trip.

The Good
New friends
In addition to our great dining companions at dinner, at the one lunch we at in the dining room, we met Mike and Liz Hashem (alas! no picture), who happen live across the river from us in Oregon City.

Frank and Lorita Eagle introduced themselves to us as we people watched on the Lido deck. "You must be newlyweds because you're always holding hands." No. We've been married for 24 years.

Ship's crew

Hariyanto was our cabin steward who worked hard to keep our cabin immaculate.

Jonathan worked on the Lido deck, when he wasn't assisting passengers as they disembarked and other tasks.

Staci who managed the library was very helpful and friendly.

Our AAA escorts, Jeryl and Jocey.

Topolobampo, Loreto and La Paz

Pinnacle Grill

The So-So
We found the dining room food to be good, but not exceptional as we experienced on previous cruises. The good news is that we didn't gain any weight.

The bad and the ugly
Better management and communications could have prevented the two events from going bad. Fortunately, there was enough of the good to overcome the bad.

Would we do it again? Probably.

But it is good to be home.