Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Starting to finish

It started with a post on a knitting list that Cozy Ewe was having a sale: 25% off all yarn. And Tom was going to Home Depot anyway...

Traveling Shells
While there I found the Spring/Summer VK. I used to have a copy which, along with several other items, I hope to someday find in the garage. But, just in case, I bought it. (Doesn't that assure that I'll find the other copy?) In it is Shirley Paden's Traveling Shells cardigan. It was calling to me again, so I swatched a couple of yarns and got the feel of the pattern again, but neither really was close enough to gauge, so I decided to pull out the UFO I'd started in San Jose.

In April, I pulled it out thinking I'd be clever and finish it as a vest, since the sleeve is one of the items MIA. If I'd looked closely I'd have seen the problem.

Later I thought I did.

But upon closer inspection, I realized the reason one shoulder was wider than the other was that I'd divided the fronts and backs wrong in the beginning. So here's my progress now.

Dressing Gown
So now that I'm on a jag to finish things, I've also pulled out my mom's dressing gown. I'm not counting on it being a Mom's Day present after all (there's always Christmas), but I'm going to plug away at it anyway.

Oh, and I did succumb to some yarn. Luscious Artyarns Silk/Mohair. You can't quite see it, but the top hank has glitter in it. But it will have to wait.