Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Lace

I'm still working on my mom's dressing gown, but stockinette is just so darn boring, so I had to spell the project with some lace. I chose the Möbius scarf from Arctic Lace because it's a 20st/4row repeat and I thought it would be easy to memorize. Rows 1 and 3 memorized, but I haven't quite put 2 and 4 set to memory. After a few false starts (I really hate the foundation rows...) here's what I have. The yarn is Crystal Palace Kid Merino and the project is so light it will be good to carry around...if I could just get 2 and 4 memorized.

I saw Lace Style in Elisabetta in Los Gatos and checked Amazon (where I'd preordered it in December) but it was still "preorder." A couple of days later, it was "in stock," but still no ship notice. After an email to Customer Service, the "in stock" was removed from the description page and my shipping had been upgraded to 1-day and it finally arrived on Saturday. I'm not as enamored with all the patterns as I was with the Scarf and Wrap Style books, but there are a few "must knit" ( long is my list?).