Sunday, March 04, 2007


We have come to enjoy the local morning show AM Northwest. They always feature local entertainment, so you get a chance to see a bit of a play or an musician. It's there that we saw a snippet of Bark! and being the doggy people we are, we had to go see it. And that's what we did Friday night.

The play is a musical told from the perspective of six dogs in doggy day care. The first act is raucous and the songs and dialogue so reminded us of all the dogs we have known and loved. The second act starts of on the same note, but tones down to the "poignant" moments described on the site. (In other words, if you're mushy like me, bring a hankie.)

If you love or even like dogs, I heartily encourage you to see the show in its last weekend. Visit

An added bonus is that some of the proceeds go to Dove Lewis and the Oregon Humane Society.