Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another VK

It arrived yesterday—Spring/Summer 2007 VK. I set it on the stairs meaning to pick it up and peruse it immediately, but forgot. When I did finally open it up, I have to admit I was less than "wowed." However, on second inspection, I've decided, though it's not a terribly exciting issue, there are some things I'd like to make (just add it to the list.)

There's the lace. I like the top by Nacy Cassels, but it may the the entire outfit that really intrigues me. It's almost like a dress.

IF I can find yarn in my stash, I think my next lace project could be the Mari Lyn Patrick's jacket, though. I like that it's fitted in the back and it's a sport weight yarn, so would knit up pretty quickly, I think.

The Shiri Mor's short sleeved cardigan is also interesting because it is fitted. Jean Suzuki's wrapped vest is just different. And if I had a real job and the patience to do another stockinette project, I'd go for Margery Winter's suit.