Monday, March 05, 2007

At the dog park

Sunday was so nice, that we decided to take the "kids" to the dog park at Mary S. Young State Park. There were lots of dogs, but they all seemed to be at the back of the park. We quickly found out the reason why—mud!

And there were lots of puddles.

What do you do when it's 50 degrees out and you are a Newfoundland with a big think coat? Why you splash in a puddle and then just lay in it. And if your big brother is puddle jumping, then you have to get your paws in it, too.

We laughed. Cooper's mom said it wasn't funny, but she laughed, too. How could you not?

A little meeting and greeting.

Next stop: the river. At least the water is cleaner.

Our dogs are not "water dogs." If they can't drink it, they want nothing to do with it. The mud, however, didn't seem to bother them. Cody is so low slung, it's thought that he would have drowned in Cooper's puddle. As it was, his little undercarriage was so covered with mud, he (along with Miss muddy Mandy) was treated to a shower when we got home. Lucky dogs.