Monday, April 24, 2006


Well my plan to have an easy finished vest isn't happening as quickly as I thought. Turns out I didn't knit up both sides the same, so left side is shorter and shoulder wider than the right. The bad news is the Spring 2004 VK must be with the other sleeve. The good news is I found the original pattern that Shirley Paden faxed me. Oh well.

I love to sew, but I really dislike laying out patterns, so my plans of a day of pattern cutting hasn't happened. Instead I got one skirt cut out - the khaki colored gauze. It took some mighty creative layout because I didn't have quite enough fabric in the stash piece; it had been cut into (and made into who-knows-what). I managed, though - just and it involves piecing one of the godet. But it took so long, I stopped and went back to knitting.

My ambitions of having several new things to wear for the road trip to Arizona have been scaled down. But I will get two pairs of shorts cut out sewn and finish the skirt.