Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Small things

Last year, a month or so before we moved to Oregon, I found a list of Portland knitters and read a post from another knitter who was moving to the area in March. So Michelle and I started corresponding. In May, we met for the first time at Mabel's (one of no fewer than 16 yarn shops in the greater Portland area). We've been getting together at different yarn and coffee shops at least monthly since.

Yesterday, she and her 9-month-old son Robert came over for snacks, knitting and a movie. I made biscuits from Bob's Red Mill flour and Crackly Topped Ginger cookies from good ol' Gold Medal flour (there's a story around that...). And we watched Sunday in New York.

It's a good thing Robert likes dogs, because Mandy sure likes babies. (Okay - Mandy likes everybody).

Speaking of babies...
There seems to be an epidemic of babies this year - at least with people we know. One neighbor just had a son, another is expecting in June. Two friends are expecting this month (including twins). Maria just became a grandmother last week. So I decided I need to make some baby things. The first completed baby object is a shirt. It's like a real shirt - only small. The Butterick pattern says it's for newborns, but it looks pretty big. Good thing babies grow.

Next, it's the little corduroy trousers I've cut out.

On needles, I have a pair of overalls in a stash cotton. They're just stockinette, so a little scrunchy (technical knitting term) and uninteresting to photograph. But I will take advantage of the new machine to embroider an appliqué to put on the front pocket. The pattern from the Vogue Knitting on the Go Babies Two. Cute patterns.