Monday, April 02, 2007


Not much to report really. I've made progress on the Traveling Shells vest and Dressing gown, but it's not really interesting enough to photograph. In the meantime, I've also started some other projects.

Since the dressing gown could miss the Mom's day shipping deadline, I have a back-up plan—Vogue 7883. I found some lime linen at Fashion Fabrics Club which I'll pair with a stash white cotton.

Inspired by Fiberly Friends who have started exercise programs and incented by a planned trip to Hawai'i, I'm on day four of a non-fiberly project—walking. There's no plan; I'm just wandering around the neighborhood listening to audiobooks on my trusty little iPod. It's been an uphill struggle, both literally (this is a very hilly neighborhood) and figuratively. Near freezing weather and the April fool's joke by a clock that sprung forward making sunrise look particularly dark made it real tempting to forego the walk yesterday. But I didn't. I was going to surprise Tom with the paper and coffee in bed, but I was surprised as I sat on the porch listening to the last of a chapter, and Mandy barked at me from the front door (I was sure I'd blocked the dogs upstairs.)

Tom had gotten up early and had cocoa and breakfast waiting for me!