Thursday, April 05, 2007

Still knitting

I am bound and determined to finish either the dressing gown or the reclaimed traveling shells vest, but it's a bit slow going.

My trip to the hand specialist resulted in a diagnosis of "saddle syndrome"—swelling of the saddle joint of the middle and ring finger. He prescribed therapy and rest to try to reduce the swelling, before doing anything drastic like poking a sharp object into it with drugs. Rest consists of a buddy thingy that holds the two fingers together so the joint isn't stressed. Therapy consists of heat and cold and massage.

Fortunately the buddy contraption is placed low enough on the fingers that it's only a slight impairment to most motions, so I can do most things, including knitting—just more slowly.

So any new knitting projects are in my head. Lace. I want to knit more lace...