Saturday, April 28, 2007


In my trusty little camera, there were quite a variety of different pictures from this past week.

Mom projects
The reknit of the bodice and sleeves for my mom's peasant top (aka her Christmas present) is complete.

And here's the progress on the dressing gown. I haven't heard back from Martingale press and haven't had the gumption to figure out the collar on my own. It's now the first 2007 Christmas present, so I'll wait to see if the publisher responds before I put the extra brainpower into the collar and edgings.

On one of the sunny days, I set off with my iPod and camera and marveled at the neighborhood colors.
orangetulip orangewhitetulip pinkazaleas pinktree pinktree2 purpletulip redazaleas
rhodybuds tulipsgalore whitetulips yellowbush yellowflowers yellowtulips yellowtulips2

The Safeway in Lake Oswego gives a 50% discount on prescriptions for pets, so that's where we go to get Cody's meds. When we had to pick up some puppy pills, we decided to park out and walk through downtown Lake Oswego, something we really haven't done. On our way we met up with some very confident ducks, sharing the pond with some concrete birds.

In two weeks we are heading across the pond to Scotland. Because American has canceled their Chicago-Glasgow flight, our 10 hour travel time out is now 16 thanks to two layovers instead of one. Coming back will be worse, since we will layover at O'Hare for 4 hours. That's a lot of knitting time. So I've been trying to figure out what to take. (The most important part of trip planning, in my book, is the "activity bag.")

I've decided to resurrect the Sasha skirt. I started it last May, made some progress, then pulled it out because it was just going to be too small. Today, I'm about where I was before I restarted, which is here. Coincidentally, the page also has the original version of the peasant blouse.

My carry around project is another long-term (though not quite as old) project. When I received Victorian Lace Today, I was enamored with all the lovely lace, but overwhelmed with the choices. In January, I decided to try the Spider Net shawl. Try being the optimum word. In my two or three previous attempts, I kept running afoul of the pattern and had to restart. Finally, on the trip to San Francisco, I got the pattern in my head and here's where it stands. The yarn is stash Artisan NZ Merino lace yarn (300m to 20g - really lacy).

And through the power of suggestion, I have started an Elann lace shawl as part of the Elann Shawl Knit-a-long. When Lisa W invited me to join, I thought about all the lovely yarns in my stash and decided to do join. Then I had to decide on a pattern and shop my stash. In the end I settled on the Luna Moth Shawl and some Just Our Yarn Zen, a silk/cashmere yarn I found at Stitches West 2006. Very soft. Here's my progress.