Monday, April 02, 2007

Adventures in food and drink

Caprial and John's Kitchen is a cooking show on PBS that features Oregon foods and wines, and in an episode we were watching last weekend, they had some wine from Abacela Vineyards near Roseburg. Tom did a little research and found that the winery also produces a Port. He likes a good Port almost as much as he likes a good single malt whisky. So we pointed the car to Roseburg on Wednesday.

Tom had a great time tasting one white (maybe this would convert him...) and all their red wines, including the Port. He particularly liked the 2004 Claret, 2003 Syrah and the 2004 Port because that's what came home with us.

While I visited with Roxy, a very friendly Rottweiler, Tom tasted the wines. Philippe Girardet suggested that Tom would like the 2005 Baco Noir and he did. Though he typically doesn't like white wines, the 2005 Gewürztraminer Frostbite, an "ice wine" was intriguing and two bottles found their way home with us along with the Baco Noir.

You may recall that one of Tom's gifts from Dianne and John was dinner out. We "redeemed" the certificate on Friday and had our first Indian dinner since moving north. Dianne did some research; I did a little more and Tom chose Abhiruchi and he chose well. Along with Jean, Dianne's mom, we had an excellent meal. We shared vegetable and lamb samosas, onion pakora, chicken tikka masala, chicken biriyani, lamb curry, shrimp vindaloo (HOT!) and bendi masala. It was all excellent. We'll definitely go back.

(And in the "small world" category, our server, who is Tebetan is Dianne's hair stylist's cousin.)