Saturday, June 17, 2006

June Accomplishments

Organzation Project
It is amazing how visitors will make me more productive. You can see the floor of my sewing room. You can see the floor of the stash room and all fabric and yarn are contained. Yay! (Tom asked: "Now that the sewing room is cleaned up are you going to stay out of it till after Patti leaves?")

Peasant top and red Luna shrug are done

New Knit Picks project
I received an email from the projects coordinator on Thursday. On Friday, I received the yarn for an afghan. The yarns are lovely, but after beginning the project, the jury is out on how it will look using the pattern they provided. But hey! I'm just doing what I'm getting paid to do.

The Sasha Skirt so far
I have to say it sure doesn't look like much in the picture but here's where I am on the skirt. Not much will get done till after the afghan is sent off.

And it's upside down...the waistband is at the bottom of the picture and I'm knitting the bottom ruffle.