Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Busy, Busy

I'm still here - just been busy trying to get office, stash and sewing room in order. They are all intertwined because yarn and fabric have ended up in all of them.

I'm too easily sidetracked by computer things, so I'll report that I've finished the red shrug and have started the Louet Sales Sasha peasant skirt. As much as I love the drape of the linen yarn in my shrug, I've found another place where the yarn has failed. Maybe it was a bad batch...

Turns out this stash organizing has paid off in several ways - I found stash some (lots actually) DiVé Cina cotton/silk/acetate that is working out quite nicely for the skirt. I'm finally through the boring knitting working on the bottom ruffle. The underskirt and bottom ruffle are knit first - followed by the other three ruffles.

Pictures of both the shrug and skirt in process will follow. For now it's back to the stash room.