Thursday, June 29, 2006

Instant Gratification

I remember now why I've never made an afghan - it's really boring knitting. The Knit Picks purple afghan has lost it's appeal with 45" knit and 30 agonizingly long rows to go to get to the required length. In the bag the yarns were lovely and I think in different projects they would all be okay to knit, but I've gotten hung up knitting this particular pattern using a furry (albiet pretty and soft) suri alpaca and bouclé (not available yet).

$2.50 Skirt

Not one to resist a 25% off coupon, I headed to the Mill End Fabric Store in Milwaukie to look for some cotton fabrics. The best buy was the "water stained" border eyelet, that rung up at 75% off. We were hard pressed to find the stain and since I needed a break from the dreaded afghan, I spent more time deciding on a pattern to show off the pretty border than it took to sew skirt. But I have my instant gratification. The underskirt was Tom's idea. I hadn't hemmed the lining and he liked it hanging below the skirt. Ironically, I'd carefully cut the fabric from the border to show it off.

The Clean Up
Even though Patti couldn't make it to the west coast after all, things still worked out - we finally did the "great clean up" and the house really is guest friendly. As part of the clean-up and organization, I earmarked about fifteen pounds of yarn and twenty-five yards of fabric and donated it to SCRAP--The School and Community Reuse Action Project in NE Portland. This is after donating a van load of yarn, fabric and other crafty things (no exagerration) to SCRAP - Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts in South San Francisco before we moved. Can you say SABLE?