Saturday, September 29, 2007

Three shirts

In my dog fabric shopping I found little dogs and palm trees. What better fabric for a Hawai'i trip? The plan to include it with the Anniversary Shirts didn't happen, but it's done now.

Last weekend, we were shopping in at Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe in Willamette Falls, at their Batik fabric sale (ends today, btw), and Tom spied a fabric that he really liked. So that was added to the fabrics I'd picked out and Tom has another shirt for the trip, to take along with the fish, sushi and shirt shirts from the Anniversary batch.

I have a new "swim" suit, but needed a cover up. At first I thought I'd make just that, but then decided it would be better to just pull on a pair of shorts and a shirt, which could do double duty from a trip perspective. I chose Vogue 8258 and settled on a very pretty red rayon batik, figuring being the shirt-making whiz that I am it would go pretty fast. HA! I love to wear rayon, but soft slippery rayon is a bit fiddly. And in the end the blouse became a light jacket because the lapel just wanted to be longer...or maybe I just liked the look of it better. I also opted for improvised 3/4 length sleeves since I didn't want the cuffs and the short sleeve length in the pattern view doesn't suit me.