Monday, September 03, 2007

Home again, home again

As much as I do like spending time with my Mom, truth be told I'd rather spend it here than there—there being Arizona—Sun City West, to be exact. There was a time when I could tolerate the heat, but I don't think it was 110°-114°F. All in all, though, the entire Mom-visit, both here and there was nice. And I think we're making progress on convincing her that she should move away from the desert heat.

We brought her back from Tacoma on day four of Jake's new life with us. With the addition of Tootsie, the week was all about the dogs.

There's Tootsie

...and Mandy

..and, of course, Jake

As for knitting, I took the "I Do" shrug with me with the intention of finishing it, but neglected to bring the first sleeve.

My mom and her friend, Vicki, took me to Hobby Lobby. It's like a Michael's on steroids, but much better merchandised. I found some Lion Brand Incredible yarn in "blue shades" on sale and there was just enough to knit the drop stitch skirt from "Skirts!" by Darla Sims. I started it for me, but my mom hinted that she'd like it, so it's now for her. I started it with the intention of finishing it there, but after taking it off the needles to fix a mistake, I realized I really should have paid more attention to the gauge, so had to restart. So mucn for my intentions...

I also took Seville a lace shrug and Seasilk in Sangria (ooh...a Spanish theme and I didn't even plan it.) I think I've had it for a while but found it in my "put away" tray. (I'm so organized - or not.)

Like I said, it was a nice visit, but it's always good to be home again.