Sunday, September 16, 2007

Doin' stuff...except taking pictures

I just thought I'd pop in to say that I have been keeping busy...but I just haven't taken any pictures to show for it.

On needles (and not quite languishing as UFOs):
Seville - Fronts and backs are blocking. Sleeves are on the needles (will I have enough yarn for two long sleeves or will it become a 3/4 sleeve cardi/shrug?)

Capecho - Yes, another. My mom saw the one I gave to Dianne and liked it, so what's a daughter to do? Because she lives in Arizona, wool is out, so I found some nice cotton on Elann.

I Do - I just found the first sleeve, so now I need to find where I messed up on the second sleeve and finish it up.

Mondnacht - This project takes a lot of concentration, so it's waiting till I have some time to just sit.

At the sewing machine
Shirts - Tom's September shirt is almost done. Just have to get those buttons on

Swimsuit - Big Island, here we come. In my case, the use of "swim" is just a suggestion and not an indication of how it will be used.

iPod touch cozies - Tom decided he wanted a Touch and asked me I wanted one. No...that was until we stopped by the Apple store and I looked at the iPhone (since the Touch won't be out till the end of the month) and I got sucked in. But there aren't any cases available and there's the trip next month...