Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Free FileMaker magazines to a good home

There is no dog or fiber content in this post.

I love magazines, but there is this problem of what to do with them when they're "done." Some I save—I have all issues of Threads and Interweave Knits, lots of VK and most Knitters (which are staying here). Others just get recycled like Popular Science and Entertainment Weekly, because it's unlikely we'll want reference them.

So what to do with five years of FileMaker Advisor magazines? When I had a real job, I could justify the subscription, but now that I'm mostly retired and don't even have the latest version of FileMaker, I've let the subscription lapsed. And having finally found located all 130+ issues of Threads (two years later), that I need to make room for, the FileMaker Advisor mags have to go...hopefully to a good home.

The subscriptions were spendy and much of the content is still valid, so I just hate the idea of having to recycle the paper, so here's the deal:

If you are interested, the FileMaker Advisor magazines—2001-Mar 2006—are FREE to you, but you will have to cover the cost of shipping/mailing (from Portland, OR) - by whatever carrier you choose.

Send me a comment if you want any or all of the 46 FileMaker magazines.