Thursday, October 04, 2007

And then there were two...and a half

The "swim"suit was so much easier to make than I expected, when Dianne commented that the style was just like a favorite swimsuit she used to have, I offered to make one for her. We made an afternoon of it, going to Mill End Store in Beaverton, stopped by Michaels next door and then went to Uwajamiya, to look at knitting books, kitchen gadgets and pick out a few Japanese snacky things.

At Mill End, Dianne chose a black and white striped fabric, and since she already had a black swimsuit bottom, I only made her a top, which Tom is modeling. Isn't it just too bad Tom doesn't have a sense of humor.

I found some more swimsuit fabric that I liked, so now I have two suits for Hawai'i.

Now all that is left is the packing.