Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's always good to get home

We spent a wonderful week on The Big Island with Dianne and John. We shared the island with thousands of Iron Man athletes, their families, and three cruise ships till Sunday, when it seemed half the visitors either left or were staying in.

We did some shopping; watched and cheered on Iron Man runners; ate lots of local fruits and vegs like papaya, butter avocado, dragon fruit, pineapple, purple sweet potatoes, and apple bananas; traveled around the island; and Dianne and I knit.

Our trip home wasn't as bad as getting to Scotland , but it did have its issues. Instead of an 9 hour trip home, it ended up being 13 hours since we had to make an unplanned stop in Seattle to get to PDX, and our bags got to spend even more time in LAX than we did. But we are home (where it's both sunny and rainy at the same time) and so are the bags, so all is well. The dogs were exceptionally happy to see us, and Jake is now in his element. And Mandy is just happy that Cookie Man is home.

There are more pictures...and they'll get posted...soon.