Saturday, December 02, 2006

Monday Knit Nite

When I started knitting some twenty-plus years ago, it was a solitary endeavor. And even though there we started a group of knitters while working at Adobe, it was hit and miss since we met in the middle of work days.

Since moving it's been a different story. The latest knitting social was at Dianne's on Monday. The intent was knitting, but it was more about the socializing, with show and tell and dinner taking center stage.

When Jean, Dianne's mom, knits a something, she knits more than one—like the 500 baby hats she knit for charity. Now she is knitting socks. She's also wearing a scarf she knit, when she was knitting scarves.

Connie, host of the first Knit Nite. On this night she had deadline projects. She was knitting bag to be felted and donated. For show and tell she brought the finished shawl.

Michelle and I usually just meet at an LYS or one of our homes to knit, and try to get the Tigard Knitting Guild meetings each month. She was working on a second lace scarf like the one she brought to show, which Jean is admiring.

There were also some new-to-me faces. Erika has been knitting for just a short while, so she brought needlepoint stockings to work on. She also brought friends Pat and Ann.

Pat prefers freeform knitting over knitting from patterns. She's wearing a vest she made and brought a poncho to show.

Pat and Ann have also been knitting and felting hats and needed to find a form that was the size of their heads to mold the hat. They finally found it at Target. It must have been a sight as they tried on the wastebaskets. Hey - whatever works!