Saturday, December 23, 2006


We've lived in our West Linn house for not quite two years, but this is our third Christmas in our house. And it's the third time my Mom, Terry, has come to spend it with us.

Terry arrived on Saturday with Tootsie, her year-old Maltese. Last year Tootsie was too small to travel, so we had to head down to Arizona to meet her in May.

This year, she made the trip just fine and is enjoying the backyard and harassing Cody and Mandy. Our dogs are so mellow, even Mandy, who has been known to snap at a bothersome dog, has just taken it all in stride. They have, however, taken refuge on or up the stairs (which Tootsie hasn't figured out how to traverse.)

Last Christmas, I knit Tootsie a little pink dress, which she has outgrown. So for an instant gratification project, I made her another dress. Terry liked it, but Tootsie was less than enthusiastic. It's made from Berroco Quest and Opulent FX held together. It coordinates with the vest I made for my mom last year.

It's been kind of fun having a bouncy puppy around. For more doggy cuteness click here.