Thursday, May 18, 2006

Road Trip Report

On May 3, we set off to visit Patty's mom in Sun City West, AZ, northwest of Phoenix. We headed east to John Day so Tom could see where he spent a year as one of the most popular Jr High boys. That was followed by two days on the road where we traversed the bottom of Idaho, the whole of Utah, and tiny corners of Arizona and Nevada, till we reached our destination.

The route was mapped out with the help of Trip Tix on the AAA site and the surprise was that it took us over Hoover Dam. There's a new road to and suspension bridge over the dam in the works. It will make a great Discovery Channel documentary from what we could see.

We had a great time with Patty's mom and very cute puppy Tootsie, with Dog Park visits every day. I did do a little work with the Bell and Grand Starbucks as my headquarters, but mostly we just hung out.

Some observations: Red Lion Twin Falls is pet-friendly with nice rooms. Idaho has the best rest stops for pets (they provide a big grassy area and poop bags). Utah had the lowest gas prices; California the worst (no surprise there). Modesto Red Lion has a great park in back and reasonable size rooms. Plan on not arriving back home on a Sunday afternoon; the last 30 miles were the worst. But there really is no place like home.

There were way more pictures than could ever fit here, so visit my website to seem more, including lots of puppy pictures.