Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Knitting and roses

Roses First
With all the sun of last week, the roses started popping out. Here are some of the first. The apricot rose came from a bush that suffered greatly from the odd weather of last winter and but, fortunately it came back with a vengeance.

Twist Top Done!

The twist top knit up much faster the second time around - could be because there were fewer stitches to knit or maybe it was just experience. In any event, here it is - two sizes smaller than the first try.

Katherine Dress UFO

Today I'm going to my knit buddy Michelle's house to knit. I'm undecided on what I want to start next, so I'm resorting to UFOs. For today it will be the Katherine dress from Hot Knits.

I started it last summer in Lara, a now-discontinued cotton yarn. True to form, it was relegated to UFO status when I got bored with the 2x2 ribbing. But after car knitting, I've made it to the interesting part. The question is how long will it take me to make the back once I get done with the front?