Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Back online after 20 hours of no phone and, therefore, no DSL. Funny how we come to be so dependent on technology. So this morning I prepacked for our road trip and worked on the Adrienne Vittadini top instead of checking emails.

But we're back. Seems some new guy was hooking someone else up and got the wires crossed at a box down the hill. Unfortunately that means someone else is currently without phone service now.

On the project front, I've got four knit projects lined up for the trip: plain stockinette scarf sample for Knit Picks, finishing the twisted front top, picking up a UFO started last summer - cover dress from "Hot Knits" out of elann.com Lara cotton, and the possibility of an altered Flickering Flames skirt in red elann Luna yarn. The scarf and dress will be good for the long days in the car.

Too bad sewing isn't quite as portable...Or I'm just not organized enough to make it portable.

It's good to be able to communicate again.