Monday, December 18, 2006

Local Businesses

After ordering the dressing wires, I got to thinking about all the products I've purchased or ordered that are actually from Portland-area or Oregon businesses. So I thought I'd mention a few. In all cases, I've either ordered directly from the company or order their products from an online retailer (and received it in record time because it was dropped shipped from a warehouse just a few miles away. How cool is that?), or availed myself of their services.

Clothing and Accessories
Norm Thompson
Ellington Leather Goods

Bob's Red Mill
Moonstruck Chocolate
Rogue Valley Creamery

Yarn Shops get a mention just because there is such a high concentration of stores in a relatively small geographical area. I've actually visited all but three of the Portland area shops—some many more times than once—and several of the shops in the rest of the state.

Yarn and Fabric
Handworks NW
Knit Picks
Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Aurora Silk
Saf-T-Pockets Patterns

If you happen to be in search of someone to help you buy/sell a house contact City Properties Group.

Portland is Dog Town USA and there are lots of doggy stores and services. Our favorite is The Dog Club of West Linn.