Saturday, September 02, 2006

Portland, Oregon - DogTown USA

From our first days living in Oregon, we recognized how much more dog-friendly Portland and environs is than our former town.

There are the all the people who walk their dogs up and down our street. There's The Dog Club of West Linn, with doggy day care, dog grooming, dog wash facilities, and lots of cool doggy stuff - a mere two miles away. There's the radio ad for the weiner dog races at the Multnomah county fair. There's the dog walk in downtown Portland. There are ads in papers of hardware stores who welcome your dog.

And there was our encounter with the very cute, albeit large, Great Dane puppy in the paint department of the local home improvement store. He was munching on a cookie from the supply kept in the paint department. Now, I seriously doubt the paint departments in the San Jose store of the same name keeps dog cookies.

Anyway, Dog Fancy magazine named Portland DogTown USA. No surprise here.