Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lucky baby

A little background
In 2004, we flew up to Portland from San Jose to meet Dianne and look for a house. The next morning we drafted an offer, and here we are.

Now, we didn't plan to move in till after the new year, but came up to visit our house and spend Thanksgiving with Tom's family. Dianne and John invited us to their house post-Thanksgiving. Here's an excerpt from an email we received when we were back in San Jose:

I am sorry. I need you two to seriously consider
your decision to move here. Neither our wallets or
our waistlines cannot afford you within such close
proximity. the Peat Monster Scotch and the knitting
supplies have changed our lives!

The show and tell of Patty's has caused me to
visit 3 knitting stores since Saturday noon and
Sunday night. ... Last Saturday and Sunday I knit THREE
scarves! I am keeping this a secret from family
members to surprise them at Christmas. Even John
doesn't get to see the finished projects.

Dianne tends to underestimate her capabilities and compare her output to mine. I have to keep reminding her of two very significant points: 1) I've been knitting a whole lot longer and 2) I don't work a real job.

The Lucky Baby
For someone who just started knitting less than two years ago, Dianne has finished quite a few projects - most of which have quietly gone to their intended recipients. So when I received these pictures I just had to share.