Friday, September 22, 2006

Less exciting sample knitting

I have to say, I was very excited with the Janet lace shawl - it was fun to knit and very cool to see it on the cover of the KnitPicks catalog, but it's been a bit of a let down since then.

In May, Michelle and I went up to Knit Picks to test drive their now-released Options needles. While there Bridget asked if I'd knit a stockinette scarf. It was to be felted which I could do if I wanted (I didn't.) On our road trip to visit my mom in Phoenix, I knit the really boring scarf. It's Bridget's felting, but my knitting.

Next there was the afghan. It showed promise when I got the yarns, but soon came to be less exciting. I happily sent it on its way. It was sort of published on their site this month.

Last month I received a frantic call from Bridget on a Tuesday. Could I knit two armbands before Monday? Sure. I received the yarn on Wednesday and knit those bad boys up and had them at UPS on Friday. Now that they're on the site and I know what I knit - PICC armbands.

I think the next project will have to be mighty interesting to tempt me. There are just too many other projects to think about.