Saturday, December 30, 2006

Knitting Acronyms

Never mind how many UFOs (Unfinished Objects, for the uninitiated) there are in the stash closet. However, soon there will be one less—thanks to Dianne and Suzie and the power of suggestion. When Dianne took Suzie to see my stash, little did I know
that they would go through the bins and bags of UFOs. Dianne came back downstairs and mentioned two in particular—the Tivoli t-shirt I must have started during the summer last year (2005, that is) and the Wavy scarf I started before Stitches West 2006. I remembered the top, but had to go back to figure out what scarf she was referring to.

Now the Wavy scarf is a WIP (Work In Progress). I pulled it out Thursday and have knit about two more full repeats of the pattern.

I haven't given up on the Helen Hamann Twinset, but 200+ stitches of stockinette can get pretty boring.

And then there's the Seasilk scarf that I have been carrying around for almost six months. It only really gets worked on when I'm waiting or on our Saturday visits to Coffee Rush in Oregon City (today will be our first coffee Saturday in a month—how the holidays can change our routines.)

My mom's birthday is in two weeks. I have to admit I really didn't enjoy knitting Tootsie's last dress and when I took a break I found the Party Dress in Dogs in Knit to knit her, which I'll send to my mom for her birthday (along with a few other gifties—none handmade, I'm afraid.) It's knit in KnitPicks Suri Alpaca, a yarn I received in a box of free yarn samples in Fall 2005. Of course one ball wouldn't do it (just...) so another is on order.


My Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy was added to yesterday with the receipt of more dog fabrics for shirts and yarn for the lace projects from Victorian Lace (I LOVE this book!) that are on my to make list. The yarn is Shaefer Yarn "Anne" in colorway "Lousisa May Alcott," ordered from a favorite online yarn shop, Little Knits.