Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sewing for Mom (and Tom)

Since the Dressing Gown is now relegated to a Christmas gift, I went to plan B. When I saw Vogue 7883, I immediately thought of my mom. I shopped online for fabrics and ordered several fabrics from Fashion Fabrics Club that I thought would coordinate. In the end I decided on a lime linen/rayon for the cropped pants. White seemed so boring for the top, so off to Mill End I went and found two very "Mom" prints. The top is the Vogue pattern. The jacket and tank are from OOP Butterick 3141.

In the midst of it all on Sunday, my Pfaff serger just croaked—big noise, then bent needle, then nothing. I'd been sure to remove all pins, so I was clueless as to the problem and totally bummed. Now I could just use my sewing machine to complete the projects, but I've grown used to the clean seam finishing of my serger. So off to Montavilla Sewing Center, which has the good graces of being open on a Sunday. It would cost $99 minimum for the repair and, by the way, there are no parts to be gotten for the 15-year-old model. Hmmmm. I've been looking at the Babylock Imagine for a while and the desire to forge ahead without interruption prompted the decision to replace over repair. At least I got a reasonable trade-in for the defunct Pfaff.

When we got home I continued on what I'd been working on: Tom's May shirt. The doggy fabric is Howard Robinson's Canine Couture.