Monday, May 14, 2007

Doggie Dash 2007 is Done

Saturday marked the 20th OHS Doggie dash and it was a great morning with no rain and LOTS of dogs. Thanks to everyone who helped us raise over $1000 for the Oregon Humane Society.

The turnout was a testament to Portland and Oregon's love for dogs. By our estimation there must have been over 2000 human participants and 1000 of the doggy variety at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. There were big dogs and little dogs, oldster dogs and bouncy young dogs, pedigrees and lots of mutts and they were all wonderful.

We met a few dogs like Pearl the Bulldog and Joey the English Cocker Spaniel (or just Cocker Spaniel if you are outside the U.S.) And of course we took some pictures.

And we learned a few thing like the OHS is the third oldest in the country, having been founded 138 years ago. The dog adoption rate is 96% and the cat adoption rate is 80% much higher than the national average. Pretty impressive.

Check out the more doggy faces on TheHudsons site.

Thanks again to everyone who sponsored us!