Friday, May 18, 2007

48 Hours

Friday was our first full day in Scotland, after leaving PDX on Tuesday. Effectively, it took 48 hours to get to where we were going.

10:45 PDT / 12:45 CDT / 18:45 GMT
Town Car arrived West Linn to pick us up. He was early, but that was okay because we were ready. Good-bye cookies to the pups and we were on our way.

12:30 PDT / 14:30 CDT / 20:45 GMT
At PDX, first announcement that the flight would be departing 1 hour late because of weather issues in Chicago

13:00 PDT / 15:00 CDT / 21:00 GMT
Boarding begins, followed by pushback from the gate and announcement from the pilot that a Air Traffic Control Ground Stop at ORD meant a possible take off in an hour, but we'd taxi out and wait, just in case

14:30 PDT / 16:30 CDT / 22:30 GMT
Returned to terminal with an ETD of 4:30pm (original departure time was 12:50pm)

15:45 PDT / 17:45 CDT /23:45 GMT
Wheels up. Making the 8:15pm departure to Heathrow was at serious risk.

19:15 PDT / 21:15 CDT / 03:15 GMT (Wednesday)
At ORD, finally, trying to get on the last flight out. No joy. Then in a very long line for rebooking. We were booked on the 6pm Wednesday flight. There were no hotel rooms and cots would be set up at K1.

01:45 PDT / 03:45 CDT / 09:45 GMT
Can't stand the refrigerated section of ORD, so we got up an wandered till the Admirals Club opened.

05:30 PDT / 07:30 CDT / 13:30 GMT
Read an email from Joanna offering to rescue us from the airport, followed by a call from Patti with the same offer.

10:45 PDT / 12:45 CDT / 18:45 GMT
Norm, Patti's husband, pick us up at the airport and we head to meet Patti and Joanna. What a great respite from ORD.

Lunch at Noyes St Cafe in Evanston, followed by tea and chatting with Joanna at her house. After a look at her extensive scarf collection (all handmade, of course), sewing room, and lovely garden, Joanna dropped us back at the airport. I would insert the picture we took at the airport (having forgot to take one with Patti at the restaurant), but my card reader is in the bag we don't have (see below)

15:15 PDT / 17:15 CDT / 23:45 GMT
Boarding begins for the 6pm flight. Followed by the message from the captain that takeoff would be delayed. There were 105 planes ahead of us. (Did I hear that right?)

18:30 PDT / 20:30 CDT / 02:30 GMT Thursday
We are finally leaving Chicago.

01:40 PDT / 03:40 CDT / 09:40 GMT
Arrive Heathrow, change terminals, go through security, immigration and customs.

04:15 PDT / 06:15 CDT / 12:15 GMT
Depart Heathrow

05:30 PDT / 07:40 CDT / 13:30 GMT
Arrive Glasgow, head to baggage claim and find one of two bags. File claim for the bag. The good news is the bag we have has most of our clothes.

06:15 PDT / 08:15 CDT / 14:15 GMT
Begin car hire process. Late arrival combined with agent/computer issues result in a very long time to get the paperwork done.

07:40 PDT / 09:40 CDT / 15:40 GMT
Car keys in hand, it's time to find a place to stay; it's too late to go to Aberdeenshire for just one night.

10:30 PDT / 11:30 CDT / 18:30 GMT
We are finally settled in our room, with M&S sandwiches for dinner. It has been a long two days