Sunday, May 20, 2007

It arrived!

After spending the morning walking around, having a little lunch and a little rest, we headed out to dinner yesterday evening and there on the stairs was our bag! Yay! From the flights on the tag, it appears to have taken a trip to Tampa, Florida. It's not clear if it embarked on the detour via London or Chicago, but it's with us now. It will see five more planes before we get home, but we're optimistic that circumstances will keep it on the right track. I don't think there's too much risk on the small flight to/from Islay and we'll know right away if BA/AA messed up since we have to retrieve our bags for Customs in Chicago...

But on to brighter thoughts. Here's the picture I wanted to include in my last post, but couldn't because I didn't have the right technology...but now I do.