Thursday, February 08, 2007

Really small things

It just so happens that on two different lists there were links to two different fiberly things in minature, so it compels me to share them.

Teeny Tiny Knitting
I once had a friend who only knit (no purling) and only on US size 13 needles (9mm) or larger. She thought US size 10 needles (6mm) were tiny. Imagine what she'd think of the very small knits by Althea Merback at Bugknits.

A Very Small Quilt shop
I've held a fascination for polymer clay since first seeing Donna Kato on craft shows in the early days of HGTV. I even dabbled in it at one time.

Some of the pieces that artists create are pretty awesome, like the miniature quilters storefront by Sarajane Helm. The detail is amazing.

In the whole scheme of things, I would not call myself a quilter, but I do love quilt shops and fabric. After making my first quilt—for Tom's parents' golden anniversary, I gained a new respect for quilters' and swore I'd never make another, but I did—Tom's aunt's 80th birthday.